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Electroneum Smart Chain Development Documentation

This documentation is designed to help you build with the Electroneum Smart Chain. It covers the tech stack and documents advanced topics for more complex applications and use cases.

Most of this documentation was inspired by the official Ethereum documentation as similar concepts apply to the Electroneum Smart Chain.

Development modules

If this is your first attempt at Electroneum Smart Chain development, we recommend starting at the beginning and working your way through like a book.

Foundational topics

Electroneum stack

  • Intro to the stack – An overview of the Electroneum/web3 stack

  • Smart contracts – Programs that reside at an Electroneum address and run functions when triggered by transactions

  • Development networks – Local blockchain environments used to test dapps before deployment

  • Development frameworks – Tools that make developing with Electroneum easier

  • Electroneum client APIs – Convenience libraries that allow your web app to interact with Electroneum and smart contracts

  • Data and analytics – How blockchain data is aggregated, organised and implemented into dapps

    • Block explorers

  • Storage – Decentralized storage structures and mechanism

  • Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) – The best environments to write dapp code


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