ETN Online Wallets

Guide for ETN Online Wallets, accessible via the ETN App or

Introduction: For users using the ETN App and/or to access your ETN Online Wallet, we have crafted a seamless migration process to transition you effortlessly to the new Smart Chain. Here's a step-by-step guide to enlighten you about the journey:

Please note: the following steps are to be taken when the Smart Chain upgrade takes place at block height 1,811,310

1. 🌐 Access the Portal: Begin logging in to your ETN Online Wallet via the ETN App or on

2. 🚀 Automatic Queue Placement: Immediately after logging in, you'll be placed in a migration queue by the system. No manual intervention is required - everything is automatic!

3. 🪄 Behind-the-Scenes Magic:

  • The ETN Online Wallet will first trigger any prior migrations necessary for your wallet, which will be processed by Electroneum. This might include migrations related to the old private to publicised blockchain hardfork.

  • Subsequently, the platform will undertake the pivotal Smart Chain migration. This involves:

    • A transaction that sends your ETN to the bridge address.

    • A subsequent transaction initialised by our oracle that deposits your ETN to your new Smart Chain ETN Wallet Address.

Rest assured, all of this intricate migration process will unfold in the background, ensuring that you don't experience any hassles.

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