Using the Metamask Plugin for your wallet

Using MetaMask with the Electroneum Smart Chain

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on integrating MetaMask with the Electroneum Smart Chain (ETN), an EVM-compatible blockchain. This guide will walk you through each step to ensure a smooth and secure experience.

Getting Started

Before diving in, ensure you have MetaMask installed. If not, download it from the official MetaMask website. Also, make sure that you understand how gas fees work.

Adding the Electroneum Smart Chain

You can navigate to Chainlist, search for ETN, and pull in the information for the Electroneum Smart Chain (mainnet or testnet) that way, or if you prefer, you can add our network manually you can:

  1. Open MetaMask

    • Launch the MetaMask extension or app and unlock it.

  2. Network Selection

    • Navigate to the network dropdown at the top and select "Custom RPC" or "Add Network".

  3. Network Details

Importing Your Wallet

  1. Import Access

    • Click your profile icon and select "Import Account".

  2. Private Key or JSON

    • Use your private key or JSON file for importing. Ensure your environment is secure.

  3. Finalize Import

    • Complete the process to see the account in MetaMask.

Managing Transactions

Checking Transactions

  • Select the account and view the "Activity" tab for a history of transactions. Use the Electroneum Smart Chain block explorer for detailed insights.

Sending Transactions

  • Use the "Send" button, enter recipient details, amount, and adjust the gas fee. Confirm to send and track under "Activity".

Tips and Best Practices

  • Security: Prioritize the security of your MetaMask wallet. Consider hardware wallets for significant assets.

  • Gas Fees: Understand the dynamics of gas fees on the Electroneum Smart Chain to manage costs effectively.

  • Smart Contracts: Engage with audited and reputable smart contracts to mitigate risks.

This guide aims to equip you with the knowledge to navigate the Electroneum Smart Chain using MetaMask effectively. For further assistance, refer to the MetaMask Support and Electroneum community resources.

Incorporating this structure into your GitBook will help users navigate the content easily and make the learning process more engaging. Adding screenshots, diagrams, or even short video tutorials for each step can significantly enhance the user experience.

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