Paper Wallets

Guide for Electroneum Paper Wallet Users: Transitioning to the New Smartchain

Introduction: For our valued community members holding Electroneum in paper wallets, we present an uncomplicated migration process tailored to your needs. Here's a breakdown of the steps, ensuring a hassle-free move to the new Smart Chain:

1. 📘 Before you start: The Paper Wallet can be imported into either the ETN App or a CLI Wallet. Importing it to the ETN App gives you a more user-friendly - and streamlined - process, while importing into the CLI Wallet is only advised for technical users as you'll be interacting directly with the blockchain!

The steps below apply to users importing their Paper Wallet via the ETN App. If you decide to import your Paper Wallet via the CLI Wallet, please follow this guide instead.

2. 🚀 Automatic Queue Placement: Once you import your Paper Wallet into the ETN App, our system ensures your strategic placement in the migration queue, mirroring the process described for ETN Online Wallets users.

3. 🪄 Behind-the-Scenes Magic: Electroneum gets to work, weaving its magic:

  • If necessary, any prior migrations, such as those associated with the old private to publicised blockchain hardfork, are executed first.

  • This is followed by the Smart Chain migration:

    • Your ETN will first be sent to the bridge address.

    • A subsequent oracle transaction will transfer your ETN to your new Smart Chain address.

Worry not, as this entire operation unfolds seamlessly in the background.

4. ✨ Dashboard Update & Smart Chain Debut: Post migration, you'll be greeted with fresh updates on your dashboard:

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